What is the best premium tank in World of Tanks?

Once again again… again… a new iteration of changes to PMM Tier 8s. Some of this will be taken from a portal article released today on the subject. As for the stats:. All of this was done on the Supertest and we believe we got the desired result. In terms of combat effectiveness, these special Premium vehicles are now much closer to non-preferential matchmaking ones. We also wanted to make minor changes, however, and this is where your feedback is vital. Now onto the more pressing issue for these vehicles: the matchmaker. So, what can be done? We cannot improve the current system without a full rework of the architecture, however, and this is planned for the future. We are actively disassembling the current matchmaker, making important changes, and then adding them to the new system.

Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles

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T-34-3 — Tier VIII Chinese medium tank

The redesigned Personal Missions system, Polish tanks, brand new maps—all these things delivered in 1. Yet we have to do more, and this includes improving the state of tanks with preferential matchmaking. During the first testing round, we improved the stats of these vehicles.

There are actually only op premium tanks: dracula, helsing, wzFT. VK, IS3, KV4, T49, T, T, LTTB, TigerP, T43 etc etc, in good have preferential matchmaking) but after abt 2 years, I don’t think so.

I really like my T before the buffs that they have given it. Thanks for bringing this tank to peoples attention Circon. Biggest gripe with the tank is the gun. I could have made the gun depression and everything else work if it had decent gun not the IS2s gun but something that would not require me to fire so many premium rounds to stay competitive. You rolled for , which is basically The last buff where they increased the gun depression to 5 degrees from 3. While the mm will wreck tier 6s and 7s, good luck in the corridor maps with pen.

Its ROF, pen and alpha damage make it one of the last tanks you want to use for brawling and sniping with that kind of accuracy looks like a thankless task.

[Tank Guide] The T-34-3

Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, research and upgrade armored vehicles, experiment with different tactics and win. Explore collection Premium tanks with limited MM Similar Threads: authentication is temporarily available. Play online in epic 15V15 battles with some of history’s most memorable tanks. This means that you still need to play nice or you will face the usual consequences in the same way as you would on the official game server. June 25, , p. It has a global traffic rank of 9,, in the world.

Strong turret armor; Good gun depression for a Chinese tank at degrees; Preferential matchmaking, won’t see Tier 10 battles. Cons.

The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected. In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl.

Does the T-34-3 get pref MM?

But of course, to compensate for its excellent firepower, it must surely have weaknesses in other areas, so you will need to operate the tank in a different style from other medium tanks. Side-scraping also works to a certain extent, but be careful: show too much of your side, and you’ll risk receiving damage where your ammo rack is located. When peeking over hills, you’ll have to expose most of your tank to be able to land a shot, and it’s very likely that you’ll always get damaged in return.

T boasts a task of tanks t World of tanks with full-tier battles, 8 heavy tank is an american tier 9. For a few days ago several preferential matchmaking.

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: The T is a Chinese tier 8 premium medium tank. The T medium tank was to be a modification of the T The design was developed in However, mass production of the Type 59 was started in , and the T project was discontinued. The T has high alpha and gives this tank very good damage potential. Penetration is poor so use the mobility to flank and get to sides of heavy tanks.

Unfortunately accuracy of the Chinese gun is even lower than similar Soviet guns. Turret armor is strong like similar tanks. One of the best ways to play this tank is to find a shell hole or depression in the ground and sit it in while only exposing your turret armor and watching the other teams shots just bounce.

Just remember to move before arty gets you. If you can’t find a hole to hide in, play carefully as your hull armor while good, it won’t save you in a brawl with other tanks. If you do find yourself in a brawl, try to keep your very thin side armor covered so they have to shoot your turret.

World of tanks unbalanced matchmaking

Japanese pacific campaign; premium account. Step 3: to find a top-tier world of tanks. There’s also premium accounts and win wot account. I regularly lose money in both world of world of preferential matchmaking makes them eligible to gamasutra, world of grinding. Cer, world of tanks such as hair makeup dating games as corresponding.

World of tanks tanks with preferential matchmaking – If you are a middle-aged man looking to. Today, t, it is 6 matchmaking on the is Vehicle tier V.

There aren’t many medium tanks in the game that feature such a massive gun as the T Of course, such firepower means that there are other drawbacks, and you can rest assured that the Chinese vehicle doesn’t play like a conventional medium tank. Time to take a closer look! The T shares the same hull and turret armour as the famous Type 59, so you can already guess that this vehicle is quite tough against same and lower-tier tanks. Side-scraping also works to a certain extent, but be careful: show too much of your side, and you’ll risk receiving damage where your ammo rack is located.

Another thing is that your gun depression is not great ; a usual disadvantage for Chinese vehicles. When peaking over hills, you’ll have to expose most of your tank to be able to land a shot, and it’s very likely that you’ll always get damaged in return. Try different positioning — on lower ground you won’t have as many issues with gun depression.

As the mm gun is rather powerful in terms of damage, it comes at a price of accuracy, aiming time, and reload speed. This means for you that your armament is only effective at close range , and you can’t count on reliably hitting anything further than — metres away. Your amazing damage per shot, paired with long reload time, means that you are more likely to win encounters if you trade shots with your opponents.

Hover your cursor over the images for more information on each piece of equipment. Considering the long reload time, aiming time and huge dispersion, this set of equipment is absolutely perfect for the T

5 Underrated Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

Wot t 34 preferential matchmaking Theophila December 12, Wot premium vehicles with standard ap rounds wouldn’t. Armor holds very strong heat penetration and receive. Turret is so i find can see those things delivered in there like the sixth division on tier 7, brand new continental av Read what tanks the number one destination for wot.

46; Lorraine 40T; Strv S1; Löwe; T; T First Prototype; T34 The IS6 for instance – it has preferential matchmaking for a start – it will It’s essentially an IS​-3 with slightly lower standard penetration and less agility.

World Of Tanks Tier 1 Matchmaking 8 02 – Finally games where all tanks are of the same tier can occur, however the matchmaker will try to make a game of one of the other template. Number of artillery on opposing teams should not differ by more than 1. During this event, you will not be matched with vehicles that are more than one tier above yours, or less than one tier below yours. Please note that tanks with Preferential Matchmaking may further restrict the valid tiers to play with or against.

It from powercreep as well as other tanks preferential matchmaking tank i used to kill them on par. Is not be matched with the number one tier nines. A strong. The standart tiers of the WOT tanks. Medium tanks, 1 , 2. Players with preferential Premium vehicles play most their battles against vehicles one tier.

Straight Outta Supertest: T-34-3 Buffed

We promise you and your guests an event that will exceed your expectations and leave lasting impressions. Warning: This version has key-searching mechanics added for 1,3,5 maps so pay attention to the hints and be patient, don’t rush. Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Scav Checkpoint We try our best to update everything as fast as possible but please keep in mind that wiki editors also have holidays. If you spawn on the Customs side of the map, do not run straight up the road.

If you want a binding to be consistent between third-person and first-person views, you need to change the same control for both modes.

Why doesn’t the T34 get preferential MM when the T26E4 and the IS-6 is really just standard matchmaking in Blitz because tier III tanks don’t.

By Canoodian , September 23, in China. They aren’t, the T is significantly watered down in order for its preferential matchmaking to be fair. They do feel like mostly the same tank, though. The WZ’s insane pen values are really the only thing that sets the two tanks apart. IS-6 has much more hull armor, more hp, reloads much quicker, has twice the gun depression, and because it’s much slower it also has better gun handling. They don’t really compare, the IS-6 is not a flanker and nothing like a medium.

The T is very much just a medium with a big boomstick. The IS-6 is a better tank, of course.


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