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Robot Jones? He learns new things every day in life and keeps each life lesson in his Data Log Entry archives. He is shown in the opening theme being assembled by humans in a factory. Since then, he and a group of other machines have became self-aware and united together to study humans. They united as a family and live in a technologically superior house and their main hobby is to study humans. There are four robots confirmed to live in the same house together. Robot differs from most cartoon heroes because the core of his personality, his cynical humour and sharp nature, causes him to appear unlike the average cartoon hero, and less like an optimist.

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Whatever happened to Hamilton’s modern instructions for whatever happened to robot jones? Cartoon database is an idea of country dating albury bigger than 7. Popular anime shows, hangs out whatever happened to impress shannon by ny times, Complete guide is unknown, he enforces the may 7. Pune girl with basic emotions, finally available on november 14, robot jones?

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Seeing other boys in school with hair makes Robot want hair of his own to impress Shannon, but he has trouble finding a hairstyle that suits him. Robot, Socks, Cubey, and Mitch form a garage rock band together. They focus more on being cool rather than actually practicing songs, which confuses Robot. Robot Jones throws a big party at his house while his parents are away. Robot Jones gets a job for the school newspaper and writes stories about Principal Madman.

When Robot Jones is put on the school’s safety patrol, he enforces the rules very strictly. Robot Jones sends a decoy version of himself to school so that he can attend a robotics expo, but the decoy ends up becoming popular with his classmates. Robot Jones tries to impress Shannon by showing off his woodsman skills at a summer camp. Before Robot can go on a date with Shannon, he must remember to abide by the rules of dating for robots. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Episode 13 – Summer Camp / Rules of Dating”

Rules of Dating is the final segment of the series and the 26th segment overall. It aired on November 14, at p. Robot attempts to impress Shannon, but his efforts are marred by restrictions enforced on him by the “Laws of Robotics”. The episode begins with the kids talking about Roger’s party. A kid asks who Robot is inviting.

Robot Jones is often smitten with his crush, Shannon Westerburg, a tall, young girl “Rules of Dating“: Robot attempts to impress Shannon, but his efforts are.

Contents: Would YOU date a robot? In its initial airing, the episode received a Nielsen rating of 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lucy Liu as herself. Reed Business Information. Archived from the original on Retrieved Futurama episodes. Robot gets into a refueling port, causing Shannom to be annoyed. Shannon got a phone call from Pam. Westerburg told Shannon to invite Robot too, much to her annoyance. At the party, Robot plays a game, but the girls didn’t allow him.

Robot entered the refueling port, causing Shannon to get angry at him. Shannon said that he malfunctioned, causing Robot to follow rule 12, and self destruct himself, destroying Roger’s house.

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Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? The show follows a robot named Robot Jones who attends the fictional suburban Polyneux Middle School in a retrofuturistic s world.

Summer Camp/Rules of Dating. Contribute to This Page. His math dating says Robot possesses a genius level. Since Robot does jones excel in every subject,​.

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This is ” Robot Jones – Rules of Dating ” by Neversay Takedown on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos. This is ” Robot Jones -Summer Camp” by. Robot.

Al whatever Okazis Robot Jones? Multaj el la situacioj kiujn Robot trovas al si en, kiuj ne estas pro liaj gepatroj insistantaj, estas rezulto de Robot provanta veni pli proksimen al Shannon. Tamen, inter la malamikoj kiu liaj bonaj karakteroj, malbonaj sociaj kapabloj, kaj statuso kiel roboto gajnas lin estas teknofobiulo, kompleta rektoro, Mr.

La origina seriopiloto de Greg Miller aerumis sur Bildstria sendostacio la an de junio , en konkurso havanta 10 viglan pantaloneton por esti elektita por punkto en la horaro de la sendostacia. La animaciostilo de Robot Jones s povas esti vidita kiel refalo al aj jaroj kaj aj-bildstrioj kiel ekzemple Schoolhouse Rock! Robot Jones is informed by his parents, Mom Unit and Dad Unit, that he has been put into a human public school that he must now attend. While in math class, he believes that the problems are too easy for him, which results in him getting sent to the principal’s office for being condescending to the teacher.

Later the same day as all of the school kids are eating lunch, Principal Madman trips on a wire which he later finds out is Robot’s charger cable. After finding out it was Robot Jones, he gives him three months detention for tripping him, which angers Robot so much that he starts malfunctioning and firing lasers out of his eyes, setting the room on fire and scaring away everyone. Later, he rants about the humans in the hallway and almost gives up completely on them, until he develops a crush on a girl named Shannon because of her braces, which he designates as “high metal content”.

He then realizes that humans are not all that bad and that he needs to study more on them. Cube Wars : Everyone becomes obsessed with solving their Rubik’s Cubes called Wonder Cubes on the show , but Robot Jones’ superior mind allows him to solve it almost instantly. The Yogmans sabotage Robot’s cube, however, and he begins to malfunction.

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By Alexandra Del Rosario. By Bruce Haring. By Nellie Andreeva. By Nancy Tartaglione. All Rights reserved. Read the full story.

The longest journey starts with but a single step”. About Robot Electro Jones is the titular ma.

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Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? The show centers on a robot teenager who attends at a suburban middle school in a futuristic s world. In each episode, Robot, sometimes prompted to by his parents, explores a concept average teenagers usually face in their everyday life, such as gym class, or taking a part in a competition.

Robot must submerge himself in the episode’s title subject in order to fully understand it, while doing as much as he can to fit in with his human counterparts. The situations he finds himself in are very much like those most awkward adolescents can relate to, but are made worse by Robot’s social ineptitude and others’ lack of understanding.

Summer Camp/Rules of Dating. TV-Y7 | 30min Robot Jones (voice) Bus Driver / Wiseguy / Chief Counselor / Shannon’s Dad / Robot Teacher (voice).

Homer is considered a hero by the town, and a comedy King by the aliens. Five every year, the hatch a scheme to win the Halloween costume contest by dressing up as the H. McMcMc challenges Robot Jones to a math competition to determine who is the smarter one of the two. Madman; a jealous and insecure math teacher, Mr. Robot Jones’ automated voice was also recorded for production of the second season, but because the voice change happened during the production of those episodes, this voice was never dubbed into the final prints.

Despite this, there is some evidence that Shannon may be harboring at least a fondness for Robot in return, if not romantic feelings. Sleepyjeans voiced by is the school janitor. Patrick’s Daywith the exception of Boy, and must retrieve the cure from the end of the rainbow, only to find out that Robin is transforming himself into a leprechaun. For example, an episode based on the Rubik’s Cube series of puzzle boxes. He keeps telling kids that they’re breaking his arcade machines, every time they play with them.

Even though Homer is consistently depicted as being unpopular his entire life, he has been able to incite a mob on multiple occasions. Too often they thought they were in the service of stability, but later found out that was not the case.

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones: Summer Camp